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Paul Martello


Blockchain enthusiast since early 2011

Paul Martello has been a blockchain enthusiast since early 2011 and first hearing about bitcoin. Later, when the Larimers, father and son, began to theorize on the necessity of a decentralized exchange, and subsequently on the many advantages of DPOS over proof-of-work technology, Paul began doing everything in his power to assist in the implementation of their visions. Now another technological innovation in DPOS, called BEOS and likely to rock the business world, has been theorized by Stan Larimer. Once again Paul takes a leading role to bring this from idea to manifestation. Paul's motto is "There at the beginning of the stories you love".

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

Stan Larimer


I've enjoyed 40 years developing unmanned air, ground, sea, and space systems. These days, I build unmanned companies.

Stan Larimer is a prolific blogger, keynote speaker and expert consultant on real-time industrial grade blockchains. He is CEO of Cryptonomex, cofounded with his son Dan Larimer, the originator of blockchain technologies that currently process over 85% of all public blockchain transactions in the world. BitShares, Steemit, WAX and EOS each exceed Bitcoin and Ethereum records for daily transactions and individually they each surpass the rest of the industry combined.
Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.

Michael Taggart


Michael is also co-founder of Quint, a revolutionary new cryptocurrency that can be used as specie legal tender and is backed by gold and silver.

Michael Taggart gained an interest in Bitcoin during 2012, later developing a multi-exchange trading software in 2013. After meeting Daniel and Stan Larimer, Michael became fascinated by blockchain technology and it's disruptive nature. Michael is President of Cryptonomex, developer of Graphene technology and author of DPOS. As an advocate of DPOS technology, Michael is an international speaker that travels the world educating businesses, legislators, and developers on the features and benefits of Graphene technology. Michael is also cofounder of Quintric, the world's first legal tender cryptocurrency that brings back the concept of sound monetary policy. Michael also currently advises several blockchain based projects such as Mission Space, Biquitous, and Sovereign Sky.

Without imagination, knowledge is worthless.