About Terradacs

A Malta-based software development company

Terradacs is a Malta-based software development company specializing in development of advanced blockchain networks. Our flagship product is BitShares EOS (BEOS), a clone and optimization for business of the EOS blockchain. BEOS serves as a middle chain between the BitShares DEX (bitshares.org) and the EOS universe. Collectively this network of DPOS (distributed proof of stake) graphene-based technology blockchains (including BitShares, BEOS, and EOS) processes over 60% of the entire world’s blockchain transactions.

Terradacs funds and organizes software development but does not itself launch or operate any blockchain.


Custom software development services


Terradacs licenses its software for use by other companies but makes no guarantees, promises, claims or warranties regarding the use of its software by any Terradacs' licensee.